March 11, 2013

The Bodacious Path Triumphant

Forgive me. It has been three years since my last post.

The one constant is change. I entered a world of technicality and sub-script and sub-sub-script. It drained me of creative impulse. I entered a world that grew darker and drearier with each passing step. Only the periodic push of sunlight struck me into forced stumbled continuance; those moments of tremendous joy and jubilation.

Some people call it growing up. A grandfather spoke his dying words to a friend of mine, "Life is one big series of disappointments". I like to think he meant to add, "its what happens in between them that matters." If he didn't, I'd like to think I am growing down.

Back to change. I can see the cliche light at the end of this tunnel. It isn't just smoke and mirrors and the false light of fluorescence. This is the unyielding cancerous natural ray. My path is finally returning to its cardinal direction. The bodacious path triumphant!

February 23, 2010

The Theatrics of a Conscript in the Proportions of the Universe.

I haven't written in a long time. I am sorry.

I have been busy. I truly have;

keeping people from killing themselves.

I have had three of my men sent to the psychiatric ward in the last month alone. Four in the last two.

We are not all stubborn.

I will try to take the time to write more often.
Dedicated to M. P. L. and most of all M.

To the sane, I am listening to "The Town" by Macklemore, and missing home profusely.

May 3, 2009

The Calm

I too fear the wait

its purpose not defined

Oh! Damn the minutes!

April 27, 2009

Decrepify the misfortune. Realign and Rennovate

I just caught myself doing something very very strange.

I was demotivated. I was captured. I wasn't feeling whole and normal. I was falling prey to that insensible of frustrations that I had told myself would never bother me again. I had slipped. I had slumped. I was down but not destroyed. I realize now what a line I nearly crossed.

I caught myself qualifying myself to somebody!

Wrong thinking begets wrong attitudes, wrong directions, wrongness in general.

I've been miserable lately truly and totally. My beloved darling dear is far away. I'm working more than twice that I ever have before. I was shaken for a while and I never really felt my normal self while I was cast adrift.

There was a problem. I knew existed but I couldn't figure out what it was or where it came from.

It dawned on me today why I've been feeling so hopeless. Why I've been doing so poorly. Why my head has been so cloudy. I've been shadowed and obscured. My vision has been poor, my mind has been misguided. My North Star has hidden itself behind a deep dark nebula obscura.

To beauty of frustration such as this is the simplicity of its true defeat. And I? I have defeated it!

April 20, 2009

The Future of Open Ended Emaculate Frustration..

I am the streetlight.

The bright one on the corner.

The one that flickers.

February 4, 2009

The Days of Will

Days like today are frustrating. Mostly because I get to wake up and go to a room in a building seven minutes away, every couple hours, for an hour, all day today. Unfortunately I will be doing this for days and days, however I'm lucky in that I'm going to get to avoid it by going home for a couple of them.

I have never missed home more. I have never missed home for such a specific reason either.

Every single day I contemplate abandoning what I am doing here to leave and return to the life I had before. I know how I can do it, but it would be the end of the plan I have set out to follow and accomplish. I would be cast adrift. I would have no prospects, no future, except an endlessness that I cant really believe I would be able to stomach.

No, I can never truly go back.

I'm worried right now though, weather or not I will be able to reach beyond the tasks that I have set for myself. Whether I will have the will to continue when everything that I am is telling me I belong somewhere else, doing something else. Do I have the strength of character? Do I have what it takes to spend the next five and one half years doing something fucking terrible?

There is something else too, that complicates things. Someone back home, who misses me. Who I miss unlike any other. What would I say to her?

I can not fail.

November 10, 2008

Absconding with a Tapestry

My match is to my shoe
I'm lit
Like a half rack of ribs
roasting on a spit

I'm stung I sting there is salt in my eyes
I'm listening closely to the wind whistling by
Hold me close and say a sweet prayer
that I'll stay right here and that I'll go nowhere

I crave your attention
and that desire attenuates
my desire to abscond
and vacate this forsaken state.

What I do is for the both of us
the you in us the me in us
While Im so far away
I'll just try to keep it rightous
And while I sit here down about the way the world works
I'll retain and remember that no matter how it hurts
That I do this for the both of us.